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Best Birthday Cakes in Dubai

We’ve become somewhat famous for our amazing birthday cakes in Dubai ,But what is it about Cake Tarts & Arts bakery’s birthday cakes that makes them even more special? For us it’s always been a really simple formula that our competitors can’t get their heads around so allow us to share our secret.
Every Birthday cake we make in our bakery is handmade with the absolute best ingredients in the world! That’s it, that’s why we’ve become famous for our Birthday cakes in Dubai.

Cake Tarts and Arts birthday cakes are Dubai’s favorite because we only ever use the absolute best ingredients like Lescure AOP butter, Valrhona cocoa powder, Belgian couverture chocolate and organic free range eggs and flours. Our customers tell us they love our cakes because we make all of our curds, caramels and compotes in our bakery by hand, we don’t buy in buckets of fillings full of preservatives instead we make and bake the proper way with real ingredients.

As consumers and customers we’re all becoming more aware of where our food comes from, what goes into it and how it’s made! Our treats are made with all natural ingredients right here in our North West London bakery by a small team of artisan bakers and cake decorators who care about what you eat, how good it tastes and how it looks.

Looking for amazing Birthday cakes in Dubai? Our fingers are poised ready to start mixing and baking so give us the word and we’ll bake something amazing for you.

We also do bespoke birthday cakes, so if you want a super personalized birthday cake delivering in Dubai then speak to our team here.

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